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Our mission is to teach and develop, within a positive environment, the fundamentals of football and cheerleading at increasing levels of competition; to allow every child a chance to play or perform; and to provide a memorable, meaningful, and rewarding experience for all.

To this end each of us is responsible for providing maximum member satisfaction by delivering exceptional coaching and safe, quality equipment to the members. By meeting and continually striving to exceed our parents' expectation we will produce the results needed to satisfy and attract new membership and growth in Beavercreek Football.



It is the responsibility of the board of directors of the Eager Beaver Football Club
to uphold the highest standards as set forth by the mission statement.

Matt Brandenburg, President
The President, at all regular and special meetings, shall preside and shall be responsible for all major executive decisions. The President shall be responsible for carrying out the decisions of EBFC. The President shall also fulfill other duties normally belonging to this office. The President shall coordinate with all Board Members and any committees to see that the duties and purposes of the organization are being carried out. The President shall also be responsible for carrying out the decisions passed on from the Conference. 

Contact information: [email protected]



Josh Hensley, Vice President

The Vice President shall be the parent’s liaison. The Vice President shall represent the parent’s concerns, grievances and interests before the Board that are not handled through other channels.

Contact information:  [email protected]

Amanda McQuade, Treasurer

Coordinate and participate with a BOD approved third party accountant, accounting agency or attorney in the preparation and filing (if applicable) of all legal documents required by federal, state or local agencies. 

Contact information: [email protected]

Amy Cline, Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for all the documentation and forms in the name of the EBFC. The secretary is also the acting team parent point of contact.

Contact Information:  [email protected]

Lindsey Austin, Communications Representative

The Communication Rep shall be responsible for communications to EBFC members. The Communication Rep serves as the webmaster. The Communication rep needs to work in close coordination with all other Representatives in the performance of their duties and will preside over the Board meeting in the absence of the President and the Vice President. 

Contact information:  [email protected]


Macy Goldberg, Concession Representative

The Concession Representatives shall be responsible for coordinating the various aspects of the concessions booth including hot foods.
Contact information: [email protected]

Kenneth Rosado - Equipment Representative

The Equipment Representatives shall be responsible for the planning, acquisition and maintenance of all football equipment and uniforms that are utilized by EBFC. 

Contact Information: [email protected]

Rob Frieden, Field Representative

The Field Representative shall be responsible for the planning, acquisition, and maintenance of the practice and playing field complex and its associated equipment. 

Contact information: [email protected]

Fred McDaniels, Mini Tackle Rep and Player Safety Coordinator 

The EBFC PSC shall represent EBFC and all EBFC coaches in their decisions, concerns, and grievances pertaining to player safety before the EBFC BOD.  Responsible for bantam and 3rd grade football.

Contact information:  [email protected]

Dominque Ray, Spirit/Events Representative

Spirit/Events Representative(s) – The Spirit Representative shall be responsible for the coordination of spirit items and social related activities.

Contact Information: [email protected]

Electa Geiger, Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all member Volunteer  Hours.
Contact Information: [email protected]

Ricky Youngblood, Football Representative

Football Representative – The Football Representative shall represent the Football program, grades 4 through six,  in the decisions and concerns before the Board.  Works with the PSC to select and ensure certification and guidance of all team head coaches.
Contact information:  [email protected]

Nicole Phillips - Cheerleader Representative

Cheerleader Representative – The Cheerleader  Rep shall  represent the entire Cheerleading program, grades 4 through six,  in the decisions and concerns before the Board.  They will select head coaches and give them support and guidance as needed.  They will represent the club competition squad.  Assist Mini cheer rep with all aspects around equipment.
Contact information:  [email protected]

Courtney Metais, Mini Cheer Representative

The Mini Cheer Rep shall be responsible for the planning, acquisition and maintenance of all cheer equipment and uniforms that are utilized by EBFC with the cheer rep.  Is responsible for bantam and 3rd grade cheer.

Contact information:   [email protected]


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