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With the unknowns surrounding the 2020 season we are sharing additional details in hopes to clarify and further outline what equipment hand out and the first week of practice will look like.  Please be sure to read through these steps as we are making every effort to keep everyone as safe as possible.  That means some things will be a little different this year, can change at any moment, and some things may take a little longer. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.  


If you are not available you will be given your equipment once practice starts.  Our equipment reps will offer specific days/times when those who still need equipment issued can meet them.  These volunteer board members are also coaches so please make every effort possible to attend on the set date(s) so they lose minimal coaching time with their teams.

Hand out will be held at the equipment shed (corner of Shakertown and Grange Hall) NOT INSIDE ANKENEY. Please park in the school parking lot and walk to the shed for safety and due to space limitations.

Time slots - what does black and orange mean?  Returning athletes MAY be notified before equipment hand out what color team they are on.  PLEASE NOTE with the growth of the club there WILL be members who were on one color last year and will be on a different color this season.  If you are a returning member we encourage you to come during your time slot based on the color you have been assigned to for 2020 if you have that information, if not, please come during the time for the color you were in 2019.  All first year participants are automatically entered into the draft and WILL NOT FIND OUT THEIR TEAM ASSIGNMENTS until after practice has begun and both coaches have had the chance to work with them.  The exception to this is for those who have volunteered their time as a coach or team parent, and that may not apply to ALL who volunteer.  If you do not have a color assignment, you may come at any time during your grade slot.

August 8th

Bantam: 9:30 - 11 (black 9:30 - 10:15, orange 10:15 - 11)

3rd: 11 - 12:30 (black 11 - 11:45, orange 11:45 - 12:30)

4th: 12:30 - 2 (black 12:30 - 1:15, orange 1:15 - 2)

5th: 2 - 3:30 (black 2 - 2:45, orange 2:45 - 3:30)

6th: 3:30 - 5 (black 3:30 - 4:15, orange 4:15 - 5)

August 9th

Bantam: 10 - 11

3rd: 11 - 12

4th: 12 - 1

5th: 1 - 2

6th: 2 - 3

What if I have several athletes in different grades?  We ask that you make every effort to bring each athlete to their own to their specific grade slot in order to keep the group as small as possible.  We understand this will mean several trips for some families and thank you in advance for your understanding as we all navigate the safest way possible to execute our seasons.

What do I need to bring?  Cheerleaders need to wear a swimsuit so they can try on the cheer skirt and shell.  Football players are suggested to wear a t-shirt similar to what they will have on under their shoulder pads for proper fitting.

Paperwork: we are asking that all paperwork be turned in at equipment hand out. This will lessen the crowd gathering and waiting on the first day of practice.  If your paperwork is complete you will be issued an orange practice band that MUST BE WORN on the first day of practice.  A NEW FORM HAS BEEN ADDED TO REQUIRED PAPERWORK - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE COVID-19 RELEASE FORM PRINTED AND SIGNEDFor the complete list of paperwork required, please go to our website where you can print forms.

How Equipment Hand Out Works:

Upon arrival you will stop at the first table where you will be checked in.  You will sign for and be given your fundraiser tickets if you have not already received them.  This is your FINAL opportunity to opt out of the fundraiser.  The $100 fee will need to be paid at that time, credit card transactions are charged a fee.  You will have your paperwork confirmed for completion and issued an orange practice band, DO NOT LOSE THIS.A NEW FORM HAS BEEN ADDED TO REQUIRED PAPERWORK - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE COVID-19 RELEASE FORM PRINTED AND SIGNED  For the complete list of paperwork required, please go to our website where you can print forms.

You will then be given a hand out form and directed to either the cheer or the football side where you will be fitted. In effort to reduce contact, parents are being asked to fill out the info on the forms with the guidance of our board members. We will not have clip boards or anything shared for you to lean on while writing.  If you would like to bring something with you that is encouraged.  We ask that you refrain from grabbing other sizes of equipment during the fitting process. 

Once you have received your equipment you will sign your form, tear off your copy, and place the rest in the basket marked for your sport.  There will also be a place to return used pens so we can sanitize them before the next group comes in.  At that time you are done until the first day of practice.

* REMINDER: CHEER NEEDS TO WEAR A SWIMSUIT.  We are in the shed, there is not a private place to change.

* Please make every effort to bring only the athlete who is getting fitted with you to their time slot.

* You will be filling out the equipment form. We will have pens available for you to use, if you do not feel comfortable with this, please bring one with you as well as something to lean on while you write if you choose.

* This is your last opportunity to opt out of the fundraiser.

* PAPER WORK IS TURNED IN AT EQUIPMENT HAND OUT THIS YEAR.  We will not accept partial paperwork.


First Day of Practice:

Ankeney Middle School, currently set for August 10th.  Check in begins at 5:30.  Equipment is NOT needed the first day of practice.  Please wear comfortable athletic clothing, cleats for all football players, and bring PLENTY of water.

If you DO NOT have an orange practice band, you need to report to the check in table first.  

CHECK IN TABLE: Members who still need to turn in complete paperwork will do so here. A NEW FORM HAS BEEN ADDED TO REQUIRED PAPERWORK - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE COVID-19 RELEASE FORM PRINTED AND SIGNED For the complete list of paperwork required, please go to our website where you can print forms. Once all of your paperwork has been verified your athletes will be given an orange practice band.  Without this band they will not be able to participate in practice. If you have not already signed for your fundraiser tickets, you will do that here as well.  Please note, the deadline to opt out of the fundraiser is equipment hand out, no payment will be accepted for opt out once practice begins. 

If you DO have an orange practice band you are able to go directly to the practice field.  


Football - if you have not been told by your coach what team you are playing on for the 2020 season, the following explains what color you will start with.

Last Name A - M: practice black on Monday and orange on Tuesday

Last Name N - Z: practice orange on Monday and black on Tuesday

THE DRAFT WILL BE HELD TUESDAY AFTER PRACTICE with teams being announced by 5pm WED

Do parents need to stay for practice? All bantam athletes are required to have an adult on property at all times.  We will have designated areas for parents to sit. Parents will not be able to sit right on the field lines this season. Please try to limit the number of family members who attend practice if possible.

What if I won’t be in town the first practice(s)? Please make sure we know if you will not be at practice the first day.  When you do come to practice, you will need to go to the black field house to turn in your paperwork and sign for your fundraiser tickets before entering the practice field. 
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